PRESENTING AT THE HSRU. University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

In March 2012 Hazel White and I presented at the Health Services Research Unit (University of Aberdeen). The event was part of a series of workshops organised by the HSRU, focussed on the role of arts in the health sector. It was a great challenging experience to communicate my ideas to a group of people that belongs to a completely different field. I believe that allowing dialog between different disciplines might highly contribute to bring different perspectives on how we look at what we do. I also believe that a designers have “to learn how to speak” the language of other fields and that is the only way to understand each other and to make things happen.


In May 2011 I participated in the “Rehabilitation and Participation Conference” organised by the Social Dimensions of Health Institute. I present a research poster on the initial stages of my Master project. It was great to meet people from health backgrounds and reflect on how designers/makers/artists can contribute to social aspects of health.

MASTER SHOW 2011. DJCAD. University of Dundee, Scotland

 A summary of Heather’s sound scarf  work in progress was exhibit in the Master Show 2011 at DJCAD. It was a good opportunity to share and get feed back on my research at the middle stage of the project development.

For further information on the show, have a looks at this link: